Mobile Phone Contracts – APPLY NOW

A lot of people looking for no credit check mobiles are now left with limited options when it comes to applying for a mobile phone contract. As no credit check phone contracts fade into the past your best option is to find and apply for a bad credit phone contract. Phone contracts for people with bad credit are applied for just like regular phones contracts; the only difference is to know what you are looking for. People with bad credit need to apply for mobile contracts that don’t mean they have to go through a load of credit check to get approved. So people have highlighted the best practices of finding the perfect contracts that do mean you do just that. To find these contracts for yourself you need to know and follow a simple set of rules which we will outline below.

1. Try and stay within a budget that you can afford, and be realistic. Try to keep the monthly payment of the contract below £35 for the best results.

2. Avoid phones that are new to the market or high end phones such at the iPhone 4S which doesn’t have the best of acceptance rates with the networks.

3. Cut out the middle man when you apply for your contract. Having a middle man such a Carphone warehouse or Phones4U will only increase the cost of getting your contract for your network supplier so they will only take the best candidates from these retailers. Instead apply to the network provider direct. The best companies apply to with bad credit are t-mobile, Orange, Three mobile and virgin. Links and acceptance rates can be seen using our sidebar links.

4. Know the market by finding out which mobile companies are accepting the most amount of people right now. You can go even further and see which companies are accepting the most about of bad credit people right now by click here to see our network table.