PAYG vs Contract Phones

If you are after a no credit check contract today the only true option for you is to get a pay as you go phone that you have to pay up front for and can be very expensive for a good quality phone. It is usually users that are worried about their credit history that search for no credit check phone contracts and now are left with no choice but to try and get a contract using bad credit phone contracts. So we have decided to highlight the pros and cons of PAYG phones Vs contract phones. This way you can make your own mind up when it come to going ahead with apply for a bad credit contract phone or going out and buying a new pay as you go phone.

– No monthly cost
– Only pay for what you use
– Own your phone outright

– Higher cost of text, minutes and data
– You have to keep topping it up throughout the month
– You have to find the cash to buy it upfront
– Limited phone availability

Contract Phones
– Fixed monthly cost
– Discounted minutes, text and data
– Usually includes a free phone
– Loyalty discounts and offer from your network
– Usually no upfront cash is needed
– Wide range of phones to pick from
– Often comes with free phone insurance for the start of your ownership

– Fixed monthly payments have to be met
– Penalties can be applied for missing payments
– You need to track your own spend