HTC One Mini Review

htc-one-miniWhat to get a cheap mobile contract? Why not try the HTC One mini. The HTC One Mini is a small version of HTC One operating on Androids interface.  It packages much of the same key features found in the big brother which includes dual-core processor, Ultrapixel camera, 16 GB storage and 4.2.2 Android OS.

Design Quality

Compared to other mini smartphones like the 7.9 mm thick Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, One Mini’s 9.25 thickness make it appear bigger. At 122g of weight, One Mini is definitely less heavy than its 143g brother. But, it is heavier than mini counterpart, S4 which weighs 107g. Continue Reading

Samsung S4 Mini Review

S4-Mini-ukThe Samsung S4 Mini is now available in the UK, the smallest in the family of S4’s. As such, it is very reasonably priced. SIM-free pricing averages around £360, and contracts start as low as £25 monthly. This gives is a very appealing price point.

Major competition includes the Lumia 820 by Nokia, the Xperia SP by Sony, and the HTC One Mini. If the HTC One Mini follows the example of the larger model, it will be the major competitor. The HTC One is the only model that tops the full size HTC One in customer popularity. Continue Reading

Galaxy Note 3 Rumours And Specifications

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3Samsung has announced that they will be previewing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on 4th of September 2013. There has already been a number of leak for the tablet in terms of its specif action and price but we are still waiting for a official UK release date. This tablet is sure to be at the top of quite a few people wish lists so what do we now so far. Continue Reading

Best SIM Only Contracts for Your Tablet

im1234All tablets connect to the web through Wi-Fi, but there are models which allow connections through the mobile Internet. One of the first questions to come in mind is whether one should opt for the 3G or pay more and get on 4G. In any case, there will be some added cost. If you use your tablet intermittently, you can just rely on Wi-Fi and make substantial downloads once you get online. For home or office use, Wi-Fi is sufficient. However, when you need to stay connected wherever you are, a 3G or 4G data plan is required. Most often, you will also have to upgrade your tablet to support it. Continue Reading

Samsung S4 Buyers Review

SamsungGalaxyS4The Samsung S4 has been considered by many experts to be a strong handset from the Korean company. Enthusiastically called the best Android ever, it is equipped with a fast processor and a smooth-running OS. This is the much-expected, the better Galaxy S4.

In terms of look, it may be strange that S4 doesn’t match its direct competitors that sport aluminum exteriors, but has a thin plastic body that is either white or black, with a nice faux metal rim. It is also surprisingly lightweight and has a slippery quality to it. To make it feel solid enough, it would be good to add a case. Continue Reading

Best Mobiles on a Budget in 2013

bp1233Budget phones don’t have to mean a low-end device that can be used only for calling and texting. The market got so diversified today so that many more consumers can enjoy features and designs that belong to Smartphone’s. Especially with cheap pay monthly contracts available with selected carriers, the price tags are more than friendly.

If you are looking for a cheap mobile phone with good functionality and a decent, appealing look, you will find certain Smartphone’s to be very accessible. The budget Smartphone market offers plenty of choices. A cheap iPhone hasn’t been launched yet (Watch this space), but the other top players have a wide spectrum of budgeted version of their top selling phones. Continue Reading

Top T-mobile Capped Contract Deals

tc123Choosing a mobile phone tariff is one of those affairs that can be tricky and maybe exhausting. Even if you are initially convinced that you made the best choice and you are set for the lowest costs, you eventually find out that the bill goes much higher. To prevent this, you can opt for a capped mobile phone contract.

A capped contract will limit the airtime amount and thus you will have a fixed sum to pay at the end of the month. The T-Mobile capping option is called T-Mobile U Fix Tariff and the offer is flexible. If you consider you need more credit, you can top up as you wish, and that makes it a great option that suits your budget. The costs start at £20.50 a month. Continue Reading

Why Is It Hard to Get Credit with Bad Credit History

Credit report or history is a record of yours repayments and borrowing, including negative status like bankruptcy or negative behavior like late repayment. A credit bureau stores all information when people fill credit applications and so on. Other companies will then have access to these records when someone requests a loan from them no matter if it’s a large loan like a mortgage or a small loan like a mobile contract.

Individual credit worthiness is determined based on past financial correctness – for example with debt repayments – and according to the company’s own rules. Something as common as a missed payment can be a negative sign and lenders will refuse the application. This is a case of bad credit history. Whatever there is in on your record, it will be included in an algorithm which eventually provides a number to describe the “credit worthiness” on a given scale. Continue Reading

T-Mobile “You Fix SIM Only Contracts” and “You Fix Mobile Phone Contracts”

t-mobile-you-fix-tariffsT-Mobile has amazing pay monthly plans that allow the phone users to choose plans that suit their needs. Now to give you even more control T-Mobile now offer capped mobile contract deals. It provides opportunities for people to enjoy up to unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and however much data you want based on how much they are willing to pay. Select your usage to the price level you want to pay per month and then cap your contract at that level. The “You Fix Plans”, You Fix SIM Only Contracts and You fix Mobile Phone Contracts are all designed for customers willing to spend only what they can afford. These plans are great for people that are worried about spending too much going over on a contract and for people looking for capped contracts for children.

The You Fix SIM Only Contracts give the user the ability to enjoy a lot of minutes on their phone at a great value rate. Moreover, it offers a chance to the user to personalize their contract via there usage. There are various options that are open for a person willing to use this contract deal with regard to the choice of the right data package, minutes and texts allowances. Continue Reading

High IPhone 5 decline rate may be due to Supply Shortage

Apple in the past have been well known for their strong focus on logistics when they launch new products, but have they dropped the ball with IPhone 5. Since the passing of Apple’s head man Steve Jobs issues with logics planning have plagued Apple and it seems that they are now having problems with their supply of IPhone 5’s. Demand has been high for the phone and the demand has out stripped previous sale records but market experts did worn Apple about expected demands so they had time to plan for this increase in demand. With sales expected to increase in this quarter of 2012 there is a fear that this lack of demand may affect Apples sales and may leave a number of consumer very disappointed. Continue Reading