IPhone 4S Contracts

The IPhone 4S is a very popular phone. So, it is not unexpected for everyone to want one including those people who have bad credit. However, as with anything else, those who have bad credit are not going to have the easiest time when it comes to being approved for phones such as the IPhone 4S since they are so expensive and have additional features that must be included in the plan for them to function properly. But, just because your credit is bad you should not lose hope because there are things that can be done to give you a better chance of being approved for the IPhone 4S.

How to Make your Odds Better when Applying For an IPhone 4S with Bad Credit

• Apply for contracts that are priced between £20-£35 a month
• Choose a refurbished IPhone 4S they work just as good as a new one but are friendlier on your budget
• Apply directly with the networks. Try T-Mobile or Orange as they offer the best acceptance rates for this type of application.
• If you are not approved the first go around wait 2-4 weeks and then try again. This way a credit check won’t show you applying for a number of phone contracts in a small time period which always looks bad.

Overall, it is not impossible for a person with bad credit to be able to obtain the IPhone 4S but it certainly is not going to be something that is a piece of cake either. However, if you follow the tips that we have listed above you should find that the process will go a whole lot smoother in the end.

Alternatively there are a number of bad credit mobile phones that you can apply for that are similar to the IPhone 4S but have a much higher acceptance rate. For instance why not try the IPhone 4 or the IPhone 3G these older models have a lower cost to the networks and there for a higher acceptance rate. The very popular Samsung Galaxy S2 is also a great alternative to the IPhone 4S for people with bad credit as it offer much of the same features but operates on the much loved android system and has a great acceptance rate for bad credit customers.