No Credit Check Mobile Phone Contracts

No credit check mobile phone contracts are no longer available in the UK anymore but instead have been replaced with bad credit mobile phone contracts. A lot of people used no credit check mobile companies to get a phone contract if they had bad or poor credit. With changes to mobile financing and the expense of new phones on the market all mobile contracts applicants are now credit checked.

There are some sites that report that no credit check contracts actually exist. These sites include the likes of Now Phones, so we recommend if you’re looking specifically for a network that does not credit check you, you may want to visit them as we don’t know of any.

So, what are Bad credit contracts?

Bad credit mobile phone contracts are usually low costing contracts or SIM only deals. They are ideal for bad credit customer as the cost is low enough to make sure you should be able to keep up with repayment. These low cost contracts require you to pass lower criteria of credit check which means these products have some of the highest acceptance rates on the market. Although networks offer these services they are not separated from the regular deals. Part from knowing what you are looking for or speaking to a sale adviser direct at the network these deals are very hard to find. That is why it is best to apply direct with the main UK networks either by phone or using their online sale advisers. You can see which networks are offering the best acceptance rate right now as well as finding great links direct to the network application pages by clicking below

How to spot a Bad Credit Contract deal yourself

A lot of our user have ask us how they can spot a deal that is suited for a bad credit customer themselves without speaking to a sales adviser. Most our users tell us that sales advisers usually only promote SIM only deals which is not always what they are looking for. So here is what you should be looking for in a contract that is suitable for a person with bad credit.

The contract pay monthly price should be lower than £30 a month to increase your chances of being accepted. You should also avoid high end phones and phone that have just been released. The latest phones and phones such as the iPhone usually carry the highest risk for the networks therefore undergo a high credit check. Make sure you apply with the network that is currently accepting the most amount of people, figures can be found here. Phone contracts that require you to pay for the handset (usually discounted) are also a great way to go as this payment acts a security on the contract.

A little note: Sales advisers usually will try to sell you SIM only deals because they are the best way to go if you have really bad credit. SIM only contracts are available on a number of short term bases so you can always upgrade after building your credit history.